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The Foto Garage is South India’s first and foremost comprehensive designer studio in a resort for all types of photo and videography shootings.

Located in Aziznagar, this 10-acre state of the art studio has a natural lake, more than 35+ indoor and outdoor sets, a swimming pool and many more features that will give you the perfect backdrop for all your stories. Be it a Vintage telephone box, a colorful tree that is brightly lit, quirky text on walls that remind you of Tuscan murals, you can pose with them all. All the spaces here are made to go with the mood and make of the occasion, giving you a perfect frame for every picture you click here

The Foto Garage

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The ambience that the Foto Garage offers is beyond comparison. Be ready to be enthralled by the sprawling gardens, waters and a resort. Away from the noisy area of city, The foto garage gives you the privacy that you would need for all your shootings. It is not just a shooting spot but also a perfect place for your family and friends to relax and set the tone for the weekend. Luxurious rooms with modified and elegant designs. the decor will blow your mind and you would be forced to spend the entire evening here, even after your photo shoot is done.

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